“Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress.
Working hard for something we love is called passion.”
― Simon Sinek

Everything you should know about us

We truly believe in working hard and having a great time doing it, as this is our passion. As content creators we are here to help your brand with creative content that engages, entertains, connects and activates audiences in an authentic way.

Get to know our story...

  • PassionCHAPTER I

    The Beginning

    Ever since we first met, we`ve both had the same passion for video and photography...

    Whispering: "Now to tell you a secret, Lavinia says she loves photography more than Marius, but Marius says he loves video more than Lavinia, but honestly they both love photography and video equally"

  • MissionCHAPTER II


    We truly believe that our mission is to learn something new every day, share our passion and knowledge...and to be better than yesterday!

    "Leave your Comfort Zone and Enter your ‘ Growth Zone"


    New people, New places, New challenges


    At that time it was a challenge for us to become content creators but we chose YouTube to use our skills and share everything about our passions...and this is how a new life chapter started for us, a new chapter from which we learned and still learn many good things about life, about confidence, evolution video & photography and the most important we found ourselves!

    YouTube whispering: "Find out more about them on YouTube Lavinia - LavYammy (cooking and baking channel) and

    Marius - MD Cars and Stories (Business and super cars channel)

    Instagram whispering: "Oh, wait you can find them both on my platform as well and...

    Facebook(Meta) shouting: "Hey!!! Not only there! They can be found on my platform as well!

  • ConfidenceCHAPTER III

    MD Digital Services

    After many years of gaining experience and confidence, we believe that every brand has a story to tell and creativity is the magic ingredient to bring them to life.

    MD Digital Services was born out of this belief and we can offer quality, value, a lot of creativity and amazing content for brands like yours!







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